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06 345

Another interesting stone with the inscription broken out, and another interesting view of the cemetery.


06 344

Interesting stone with the inscription broken out, and interesting view of the cemetery.


Sector 6 Location and Map


05 343 - Sara Feigel ROZENBLUM

Sara Feigel, daughter of Shalom of Rajgrod, wife of Moshe Menachem ROZENBLUM. Died in 1905. From Rajgrod.


05 342 - Sima Leiba [WEJDENBAUM]

Daughter of Avraham Elihu. Died in 1904. This death record indexed at JRI-Poland most likely belongs to her: Lomza deaths for 1904, #77: WEJDENBAUM, Syma Leja, daughter of Abram Eljasz.


05 341 - Rifke Lea Tziril

Rifke Lea Tziril, daughter of Rabbi Eliezer -----. Died in 1906.


05 340 - Fraida Chaia, daughter of Yitzchak Izak

Died in 1906 or 1926.

Photos show before and after this stone was repaired. Still a piece missing . . .


05 337 - Chaja Keijla GIELCZYNSKI and Elka GIELCZYNSKI

A double stone, memorializing two burials from my GIELCZYNSKI family. The right side is for Chaja Keijla, daughter of Zelman GOLDWASSER, wife of Jankiel GIELCZYNSKI. On the left is Elka, whose maiden name was GAGOWICZ, wife of Tzvi Dov GIELCZYNSKI. Both of them died in 1918. Their husbands were brothers, sons of Shlomo GIELCZYNSKI, who is one of my ancestors.


05 336


05 335


05 334 - Pesha Sima [HIRSZFELD]

Pesha Sima, daughter of Rabbi Efraim Fishel, wife of Rabbi Yitzchak Arye of Rutki. Died in 1913 or 1916, aged 30. According to correspondent Eliyahu Hershfeld, her maiden name was Cukiert, she was born in Grajewo in 1884 and on February 18, 1902 she married her sister's widower, Rabbi Yitzchok Aryeh Hirszfeld, who became the Rabbi of Rutki-Kossaki.

Translation by Eliyahu Hershfeld:

"Passed away in the 30th year of her life
The Rebbitzin (Rabbi’s wife) Pesha Sima
the daughter of Rabbi Efraim Fishel
the wife of Rabbi Yitzchok Aryeh of Rutki
passed away 16 Sivan [5]673? (21 June, 1913?)"


05 333 - Itke BRZOZOWSKI

Itke, daughter of Yitzchak, wife of David Arye BRZOZOWSKI. Died in 1918.


05 332 - Sora Miriam, daughter of Naftali the Cohen

Sora Miriam, daughter of Naftali the Cohen. Died in 1918.


05 331


05 330 - Tziporah KOHEN

Tziporah, daughter of Aryeh Tzvi, wife of Yakov KOHEN the Cohen. Died in 1919.


05 329 - Henka RAFALAWASKI

Henka, daughter of Shmuel Yehuda, wife of Tzvi RAFALAWASKI the Levy. Died in 1920, aged 34.


05 328 - Beila ITKAWICZ

Beila, daughter of Chaim, wife of Yakov ITKAWICZ. Died in 1922.


05 325

Where does it fit?


05 323 - Chaya, daughter of Yitzchak Tzvi

Chaya, daughter of Yitzchak Tzvi. Died in 1915.


05 322 - Touba


05 320 - Sora LEWINSKI

Sora, daughter of Moshe Leib the Levy, wife of Moshe LEWINSKI the Levy. Died in 1932.


05 319 - Beila Rifka, daughter of Arye

Beila Rifka, daughter of Arye, wife of a Rabbi. Died in 1914.


05 317 - Brucha Rochel

Brucha Rochel, daughter of Eliyahu, wife of Meir Chaim. Died in 1914. From Plock.


05 316 - Fruma SLUTSKI

Fruma, daughter of Yakov, wife of Yehuda SLUTSKI. Died in 1915.


05 311 - Sora Rifka CHMIELEWSKI

Sora Rifka, daughter of Yehuda, wife of Yakov Yosef CHMIELEWSKI. Died in 1935.


05 310 - Lea GNIAZDOWICZ

Lea, daughter of Aryeh KREISBERG, wife of Avraham Yosef GNIAZDOWICZ. Died in 1935.


05 309 - Golda Rochel ITKAWICZ

Golda Rochel ITKAWICZ, daughter of Rabbi Moshe Tzvi. Died in 1936.


05 308 - Sheina Rochel ROZA

Sheina Rochel, daughter of Zev, wife of Chaim Zev ROZA. Died in 1933.

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