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Where are the men?

I'm posting these photographs by section (or sector) as laid out by Antoni Dudo, the photographer. There are pathways through the cemetery that separate the sections and appear to have been laid out by the planners of the cemetery. Sectors 1 through 6, running along the northwest wall of the cemetery, were reserved for women. The next row of sectors (7-12) was reserved for men. Like in shul.

I have 25 or so more to post in Sector 5, then probably another hundred or so in Sector 6, all women. Then it's on to the men for a while!

Enjoy the website! And don't forget to translate a stone or two for those of us who can't work through much Hebrew. If you click on the "comments" link below each picture, you can add your translation or other comments to the website.


05 298


05 297


05 296

Perhaps the inscription will be recovered . . .


05 295 - Pesha, daughter of Meir the Levy

Died in 1902. Beautiful stone.


05 294 - Sheena Riva ZOLONC

Sheena Riva, daughter of Yakov, wife of Eli Benyamin ZOLONC. Died in 1923.


05 293 - Chana Etka ZOLONDZ

Chana Etka, daughter of David Dov ZOLONDZ. Died in the 1920's.


05 292 - Lea Eisa ZALBERG

Lea Eisa, daughter of Yakov WYBRANCZYK, wife of Mordechai ZALBERG. Died in 1929. Front and back.


05 291


05 290 - Rivka SZER

Rivka, daughter of Moshe RUBINSTEIN, wife of Chaim Moshe SZER the Cohen, died "in the prime of her life".


05 289 - Freidel CIBULA?

Freidel, daughter of Tzvi GRINWALD, wife of Elchanen CIBULA? Died in 1937.


05 288 - Rivka LAWSKI

Rivka, daughter of Tzvi BERENT, wife of Yitzchak LAWSKI. Died in 1910.


05 287 - Sima BACKOWSKI

Sima, daughter of Ari BACKOWSKI. Died in 1934 or 1937.


05 285 - Chana DREWKOWICZ

Chana, daughter of Nachom DREWKOWICZ. Died in 1934, 1935 or 1936. The black and white photo was taken before World War II and provided by Michael Heldman, Chana's great-grandson. (Thank you Michael!!)


05 284 - Ester

Ester, daughter of Yehuda, and I can't read the surname. From Woromin? Died in 1925?


05 283 - Raizel? ROGONECKI?

I think it says Raizel, daughter of Yakov of Ostroleka, wife of Avraham Tzvi ROGONECKI


05 281 - Beila MANDOWICZ

Beila, daughter of Yosef MANDOWICZ


05 278 - Chana Gitel, daugher of Gedalihu

Died in 1912.


05 280 - Chaia


05 277 - Sara, daughter of Betzalel of Piatnica

Sara, daughter of Betzalel of Piatnica


05 276 - Mala, daughter of Mordchai

Died in 1911.


05 274


05 273 - Chaia Sora, daughter of Avraham Shmuel

Died in 1900.


05 272 - Miriam [BERENT?], daughter of Nisan

Died in 1900. Among the records indexed by JRI-PL is the death record of a Miriam BERENT, daughter of Nison. This stone might belong to her.


05 271


05 270 - Chana, daughter of Avraham Tzvi

Died in 1893. This cemetery opened in 1892, so this would have been one of the first stones here.


05 268 - [Sora Rifke?] LAWSKI

Broken top and standing bottom of same stone. Still a piece missing, but father was Yitzchak the Cohen and husband was Yosef LAWSKI. Died in 1898. From records indexed at JRI-Poland, I believe this is Sora Rifke LAWSKI. [Lomza Deaths for 1898, #35]

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