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06 399 - Feiga Gitel CIESZLAK

Feiga Gitel, daughter of Avraham Yitzchak CIESZLAK. Died in 1909.


06 398 - Yenta, daughter of Moshe Yosef

Died in 1914.


06 397 - Ita KACANEK

Ita, daughter of Avraham, wife of Rafael KACANEK. Died in 1916.


06 396 - Chaya KACHNOWICZ

Chaya, daughter of Rafael BEREND, wife of Avraham Moshe KACHNOWICZ. Died in 1916.


06 394 - Liba Bela PANUSZ

Liba Bela, daughter of Eliezer, wife of Shmuel PANUSZ of Grajewo. Died in 1925.


06 393 - Liba GUTMAN

Liba, daughter of Chaim, wife of Betzalel GUTMAN of Jedwabne. Died in 1926.


06 392 - Nechama Freidel ZELIGZON

Nechama Freidel, daughter of Yakov, wife of Efraim ZELIGZON. Died in 1926.


06 391 - Sora, daughter of Yakov Tzvi

Died in 1926.


06 388 - Yocheved PECINER

Yocheved, daughter of Yehuda, wife of ---mah Tzvi PECINER. Died in 1923.


06 386 - Rivka Elka RUBENSTEIN

Rivka Elka, daughter of Yoel LEWINSKI, wife of Ari Leib RUBENSTEIN. Died in 1929.


06 385 - Shifra BERSZTYN

Shifra, daughter of Shmuel Meir ROZENBERG, wife of Yisrael Tzvi BERSZTYN. Died in 1921, aged 74.


06 384 - Sima Mindel BRZEZINSKI

Sima Mindel, daughter of Yitzchak Yosef WINIK of Stavisk, wife of Shimon BRZEZINSKI of Lomza. Died in Lomza in 1920.


06 383 - Hinda

Hinda, daughter of Mordchai, wife of Eleazer ----- KW---


06 382

Wife of Avraham, but I can't make out the last name.


06 381 - Lea GRINBERG

Lea, daughter of Yitzchak Eliyahu, wife of Yechiel Michal GRINBERG. Died in 1927, aged 69.


06 377A - Fruma, daughter of Binyamin

I know -- the number in the photo says 378. But there's already a 378, so this will be 377A. Anyway, this is Fruma, daughter of Binyamin, wife of Avraham the Cohen. Died in 1926.


06 378 - Tzipa JABLONOWICZ

Tzipa, daughter of David WIADRO, wife of Yosef David JABLONOWICZ. Died in 1927.


06 375 - Shasha Hinda SZENIAK

Shasha Hinda, daughter of Bezalel Shlomo LIPSZIC the Levy, wife of Chaim Zev SZENIAK.


06 374 - Lea ROZENTAL

Lea, wife of Moshe Tzvi ROZENTAL. Died in 1926.


06 373

Concrete stone? Missing inscription.


06 370 - Aidel Devora GORDON

Aidel Devora, daughter of Rabbi Eliezer SZULEWICZ, wife of Rabbi Yechiel Mordechai GORDON. Died January 17, 1929 in her 42nd year. Five children.

According to Eliyahu Hershfeld, Aidel's father, Rabbi Eliezer Szulewicz (or Shulevits) was born in Kolno and founded the yeshiva in Lomza. (See the June 2009 issue of the journal Landsmen for a short bio.) Rabbi Shulevitz was worried about the conscription of his children to the army, and apparently only one of his five or so sons actually took the name Shulevitz. Aidel Devorah was married to Rabbi Yechiel Mordechai Gordon, who took over the yeshiva in Lomza with his brother-in-law Yehoshua Zelig Ruch when their father-in-law Rabbi Shulevitz moved part of the yeshiva to Petach Tikva, Israel in 1923. Rabbi Gordon was on a fund raising trip to the USA when WW2 broke out, and survived, but his daughter and family who were in Lomza were killed. He later settled in Israel and was the head of the Lomza yeshiva in Petach Tikva till his death in 1964. See for some biographical info.

Eliyahu was kind enough to translate the full text of the stone:

"The translation is loose, since I find it hard to literally translate poetic text.

Here lies
A good ??? important woman
Fear of g-d never left her
The ways of the Torah, she followed with love
Her heart yearned to be close to mitzvos
There was anxiety in the heart of he husband and children
When she left them in the prime of her life
Broken hearted cries her relatives wailed
Many good people cried over her
A merciful mother to her 5 children
In the 42nd year of her life
Our dear and honored mother
The woman Aidel Devorah
daughter of Rabbi Eleizer
Shulevitz, the wife of Rabbi
Yechiel Mordechai
Passed away in a good name 6 Shevat
Year [5]689 (to the small number)
May her soul be bound to the bond of life

The text on the right side of the monument forms the acrostic Aidel Devorah."


06 368 - Rozalia KOKOSZKO

Rozalia (Rasha, in Hebrew) KOKOSZKO, whose maiden name was ZALINGER. She died August 26, 1937, aged 81. This is a unique stone as it is the only polished black one in the cemetery. It is also one of the only ones with a Polish inscription. It is just inside the gate from the cemetery building and was the first one I saw when I visited the cemetery in 1995.

Here is the same stone with Ralph Salinger, Summer 2006.


06 367

Not sure what is going on with this gravesite here, but I posted this picture because you can see the old concrete wall that surrounds the cemetery.


06 360 - Chaya Sheina KAWKEWICZ

Chaya Sheina, daughter of Yakov Gershon, wife of Noach Shraga KAWKEWICZ. Died in 1923. Third photo shows the rear of the stone.


06 359 - Raiza, daughter of Yosef

Died in 1919.


06 357 - Devora LEWIUSZ

Devora, daughter of Yakov, wife of Chaim LEWIUSZ the Levy. Died in 1917.


06 355 - Malka FENSTER

Malka, daughter of Iser?, wife of Yakov Moshe FENSTER. Died in 1912.


06 354 - Sara RAFILOWSKI?

Tiny letters all the way at the bottom: Sara, daughter of Sholom Tzvi, wife of Chaim Moshe Ari RAFILOWSKI. I think.


06 352 - Gitel EGER

Gitel EGER, daughter of Avraham. Died in 1901. Descendant of Rabbi Akiva Eger.

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