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05 200 - Rochel EGULSKI

Rochel, daughter of Chaim MLYNARZEWICZ, wife of Rabbi Yisroel Ari EGULSKI. Died in 1921.


05 198 - Dina GOLDWASER

Dina, daughter of Aron David CIESZLAK, wife of Yitzchak Meir GOLDWASER, died in 190-.


05 197

A double stone, marking two burials. Two daughters of Arye Leib the Levy, one of whom was named Golda.


05 196

All I have on this one is the year of death: 1902.


05 195 - Malka MIZRACH

Malka, daughter of Chaim, wife of Avraham MIZRACH, died in 1907.


05 193 - Charna ITKAWICZ

Charna, daughter of Boruch ZDROIEWICZ of Kolno, wife of Yaakov ITKAWICZ the Levy. She died in 1912 and left seven children. (We know this from a better copy of this stone that I will eventually scan and post.)


05 192


05 190 - Nota Getzel OBIEDZINSKI

Son of Gedaliahu Shmuel. From Grajewo. Died 20 Marcheshvan, 5675 (October 22, 1914), had children.

Interestingly, the year of death is not on the main part of the stone but is instead carved into the separate base stone, as you can see from the black and white photo below. That photo shows Rashka Finkelstein, who was related to Nota Getzel's sister, Fanny Frydman, by the marriage of their children, posing with the stone in the 1930's.

The last photo shows Fanny and Rashka's great-grandson, Fred Finkelstein, kneeling by the stone in 2008. (Many thanks to Fred's wife, Nora Paille, for the last two photos and information!)


05 189

Died in 1910.


05 184 - Ester LICHTENSZTEIN

Ester -----, daughter of Shraga -----, wife of ----- LICHTENSZTEIN. Died in 1920.


05 183 - Yehuda Falk GLINKA

Yehuda Falk, son of Yaakov GLINKA.

Perhaps someone could lug this stone across the path into the male section before someone installs it here.


05 172 - Golda MLYNARZEWICZ

Golda, daughter of Tzvi, wife of Avraham MLYNARZEWICZ. The year of death is covered by the cement patch at the bottom.


05 171

Daughter or wife of someone with Tzvi in his name. Died in 1920. The lower photo is zoomed in on the lower portion of the stone.


05 170

Daughter of Yitzchak of Piatnica.


05 169 - Devorah GOLDMAN

Daughter of Yitzchak.


05 168 - Chaia? Zisel


05 167


05 166

Stone was repaired between 2003 and 2005.


05 165 - Sara Devorah WIRZBOWICZ

Sara Devorah WIRZBOWICZ, daughter of Moshe NOLOMO?


05 164 - Lesa KAWNER

Lesa, daughter of Yehoshia WILIENSKI, wife of Shloma KAWNER of Vilna.


05 162

Wife of Yisroel.


05 161 - Matia SZTEIN

Matia, daughter of Yitzhak Izaak BACHRACH, wife of Meier SZTEIN. Died in 1913. Front and back of stone.


05 159

The inscription is missing, but the photos are interesting. It looks like this stone was remounted backwards. Bottom photo is the same stone from the side.


Sector 5 Location and Map


04 158 - FLATAU

Large stone! I see Tzvi.


04 157 - Sheina -----, daughter of Chaim


04 156


04 155


04 154 - Breindel, daughter of Shimeon

Died in 1910.


04 153 - Braina Ruchel PENDZIUCH

Braina Ruchel, daughter of Efroim PENDZIUCH. Died in the 1930's.


04 151


04 148 - Chaia Leia ZDANOWICZ

Daughter of Ari and wife of Zelman.


04 150

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