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02 024 - Nechama ZAJDENSZTAT?

The front calls her Nechama, daughter of Moshe BURSZTEYN, died in 1919. The back says Nechama ZAJDENSZTAT of Jedwabne.

Back of stone:


02 023 - Sima, daughter of Elchanan KAWIAR

What is the word between Elchanan and Kawiar? A second name?


02 021 - Gutka Raisel (GRINSZPAN) BRANSKI

Gutka Raisel BRANSKI, daughter of Lima GRINSZPAN, wife of Yakov BRANSKI. Stone says Tema? May have been known as Tova. Died in 1920. The black and white photo is Gutka's daughter Chaya Gittel (BRANSKI) GRYNGRAS at her mother's grave in the 1930's. Many thanks to Chaya's grandson, Jonathan Edelstein of Tel Aviv, for this photo.


02 022


02 020 - GUTMAN?

I think it says Necha Tzvia, daughter of Mordchai Chaim. GUTMAN is at the upper left, next to the book at the top.


02 019


02 018 - Liba MROZOWICZ

Daughter of Yisroel? Died in the 1910's.


02 017 - Chaia Sara JONASZUK

Daughter of Avraham. Though not noted on the stone, she was the wife of Leyb.


02 014 - Chana ZACHAROWICZ?

Daughter of Eli Tzvi and wife of Yehuda. Last name is something like ZACHAROWICZ, but the first letter is blocked by a weed.


02 013 - Touba ----- KWIATEK?

Not sure about that last name, but she is daughter of Aron the Cohen. From records indexed at JRI-Poland, I think this might be Touba Zelda KAHAN who married Mortek KWIATEK in 1855.


02 012 - Chaia Etka, daughter of Aryeh


02 011 - Rochel Leia


02 010



I can't read the given name (though part of it may be intact), but she is the daughter of Avraham and the wife of Av FINKELSZTEIN. Died in 1921.


02 007 - Basha, daughter of Zelman of Piatnica

Basha, daughter of Zelman of Piatnica


02 006 - Bassel ROZENBLUM

Bassel, daughter of Yisroel, wife of Shmuel ROZENBLUM. Died in 1926.


02 005


02 004


02 003 - Rochel Leia ZAREMBOWICZ

Our first completely intact stone, and it's a beauty. Also a distant relative of mine. Rochel Leia ZAREMBOWICZ, daughter of Avraham WYZYKIEWICZ, widow of Szmul ZAREMBOWICZ. She was born around 1840 and died in late 1921. The inscription refers to her as "our mother", so she was survived by more than one child.


2 001 - KONIN?

Our first somewhat intact stone! She was the daughter of Michel and wife of Chaim. Is the last name KONIN? Died in 1915.


Sector 2

Sector 2 Location and Plan.


Sector 1

Here are some fragments from Sector 1 and a view of another part of the cemetery so you can get some idea of what the place is like. There are no intact monuments in Sector 1.


About this Website

Welcome to the Lomza Virtual Jewish Cemeteries website!

This website is intended to be a collaborative project for those interested in the historical and genealogical aspects of these cemeteries.

The photographs here were taken and donated by Antoni Dudo, a native of Lomza. Antoni has made a thorough historical study of the two Jewish cemeteries in Lomza. He has photographed all gravestones and stone fragments he could find. Only those with inscriptions (or portions of inscriptions) will be presented here.

We welcome comments pertaining to the stones and the people they represent, including translations and other historical and genealogical information. If you are related to the subject of a stone, please note that fact in a comment. You may find long lost relatives that way.

We will try to use the Polish renderings of the surnames so that what you see here will match the vital records.

By way of background, the Old Cemetery was in use from 1822 through 1892. It was destroyed around the time of WWII, but the extant stones were re-installed afterwards and the hillside is maintained as open space with a well-manicured lawn. The New Cemetery opened in 1892 and was used through the 1940's. It was heavily damaged in WWII but many of the stones were simply toppled over and remained face down, so their inscriptions were preserved. It was left to become overgrown, but various groups have begun caring for it, so it is now well kept and many of the stones have been re-erected.

We are starting with photos from the New Cemetery. For each stone, the first two numbers are the sector where the stone is located, and the next three are the stone's number within that sector, as shown on the sector plans.

We hope you enjoy this website!

Gary L. Maher
New Jersey, USA


Sector 1 Location and Plan


Antoni Dudo's Sector Map of the New Cemetery

Antoni Dudo's Sector Map of the New Cemetery

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