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Antoni Dudo's Sector Map of the New Cemetery

Antoni Dudo's Sector Map of the New Cemetery

I have to write to you and tell you that Peril Lampert is one of my ancestors. My Grandfather left his family in Lomza and came to America where he made a good life for some of his family. His family , his father was named Wolf Lampert and his wife was Sonia, were left in Lomza where they were good people they had homes and owned land there, and should not have had the Cemetary where they were buried destroyed. I must tell you that you are a wonderful person to work for this restoration of the Gravestones of people who you never knew. God Bless you!
I am looking for my Grandmother's mohter. Her name was Chaja and she died in Lomza around 1920 Neither the new or old Cemetery show any records of her. She had two children before dying.
I think we have photos of all the extant, visible stones here. However, there are still many stones that have not been transcribed, either because my poor Hebrew skills do not allow me to read them or because the photos are not clear enough, so hers could be among the untranscribed stones. Also, many stones have been destroyed, and many people were buried without stones. So if you can't find her stone, it does not mean she was not buried there.
Looking for family name:
Kruvka, Krovka

Thank you,
Amazing info here.

My name is David Wallace and my Great Great Great Grandfather was
Yankel Lampert born in Lamza but died in New York...I don't know his dates of birth and death but i do have info on some of his children... Anna, Devareh , Max, Rachel, Mayer, born 1859, and {Molly (Malke) Rose (Razel)} born 1876 died 1952..his wife name might have been Hannah.....i am doing the family tree so if you have any information please contact mt at
My grandfather Pesach Glassman (some people say the name was also Sklarevich) in Lomza circa 1879. He was orphaned as an infant. Died in Detroit in 1971.
Hi, My Great Grandfather, Israel Fruchtman "may" be buried here and i see a stone labled 053, but no information that I can read. Are you able to let me know if this is his burial stone?
Please email to:

Thanks so much for preserving this history!!!! Gary Fruchtman
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