Thursday, September 28, 2006


17 018 - KOHN and KARBOWSKI

This is the last inscribed stone in Sector 17, and it merits some discussion. I would think that everybody reading this website appreciates the efforts of those who have cleaned up and partially restored this cemetery. However, while reviewing the many photos of repaired, reinstalled and remounted stones, I have wondered how sure we can be that the correct pieces have been put together. Judging by this stone, the answer is not at all.

The middle portion of this stone obviously belongs to Jakob KARBOWSKI, who died January 4, 1932.

Unfortunately, the top section is dedicated to the memory of Shmuel David KOHN, son of Tzvi Yitzchak.

Note also that the three sections of stone are each clearly different colors, and the base is not even the same type of stone.

In light of this stone, it is important that we not make assumptions based on the location of stones and the other stones they are fastened to.

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