Wednesday, September 27, 2006


16 052 - Gidli? DROZDOWSKI

Son of Shloma. Died December 25, 1930.

Line 1: haval davdin (Arameic: "great loss" or "pity that he is no longer with us"
Line 2: My dear son
Lone 3: the man (guy) Gedali
Line 4: son of rabbi Shlomo (Solomon)
Line 5: Drozdowski
Line 6: died at 5 (letter He) at the month of Tevet.
Line 7: Hebrew year 5691, Letter Qof (?) and the initials of may his soul be bundled in the bundle of life (Hebrew)

I think that this is my grandmother's brother:
Gedaliah. he was the son of Rabi Solomon (Shlomo) - as mentioned.
I know that he died in Lomza, where my family came from
1. I thought that he died at 1931 and not 25.12.1930 (as written on the stone).
2. The full Hebrew name was Gedaliah (Gedaliahu) and on the stone it appears to be just Gedali. (it might be the short name or the official name)
3. The writing "my dear son" instead of "our dear son" makes me think why? (both of his parents outlived him)…. Maybe this was the custom.
The fact that no wife was mentioned suits fine, since he died before getting married.
His parents came to Israel and lived with their daughter (my grandmother) in Israel.
Thank you for the wonderful work. Bless you
Alon Friedman
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