Friday, September 08, 2006


06 368 - Rozalia KOKOSZKO

Rozalia (Rasha, in Hebrew) KOKOSZKO, whose maiden name was ZALINGER. She died August 26, 1937, aged 81. This is a unique stone as it is the only polished black one in the cemetery. It is also one of the only ones with a Polish inscription. It is just inside the gate from the cemetery building and was the first one I saw when I visited the cemetery in 1995.

Here is the same stone with Ralph Salinger, Summer 2006.

My granma's surname is Kokoszko and she comes from Łomża. Her father Antoni Kokoszko, nad mother Helena Kokoszko (maiden surname was Kozłowska). Kokoszko surname was popular in Łomża. I asked my grandma about Rozalia but she was not sure if there are any family bonds. My e-mail:
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