Friday, November 21, 2008


11 More Stones

Well, it took me more than two years to get around to it, but here are the 11 New Cemetery gravestones that were not photographed in the other set. These are scans from film prints and thus higher resolution than the other photos on this website. The white substance on the stones is chalk, which yields superior legibility. (The individuals who took these photographs were instructed to take great care in applying and removing the chalk.) As always, if you have further information on any of these people or just want to leave a note that they are your relatives, please use the 'comment' feature. Cheers!


N589 - Yerucham Fishel

Yerucham Fishel, son of Rabbi ----- Leib?


N588 - Chanoch Henik CHMILAWICZ

Chanoch Henik CHMILAWICZ, son of Avraham Moshe. Died in 1916.



Zev FINKELSTEIN, son of Yitzchak Zvi. Died in 1918.


N567 - Yosef LEWINSKI

Yosef LEWINSKI, son of Efraim Yehuda. Died in 1933 at age 58. From Kazidlo.


N560 - Tuvia BRICKMAN, the Levy

Tuvia BRICKMAN, the Levy, son of Chaim Menachem. Died in 1920.


N558 - Yitzchak MALINAWICZ

Yitzchak MALINAWICZ, son of Avraham Moshe. Died in 1920.



Aryeh BIALYSTOCKI, son of Chaim. Died in 1920.


N531 - Yitzchak Isak RAFALAWSKI

Yitzchak Isak RAFALAWSKI, son of Chaim Moshe Ari. Died 1920.


N515 - Yehoshua KRANZSZIK

Yehoshua KRANZSZIK, son of Shlomo Yoel. Died in 1932.


N508 - Moshe Aron KACHAN, the Cohen

Moshe Aron KACHAN, the Cohen, SHO'B, son of Shmuel, SHO'B. Died in 1927.


N098 - Chana Risha BARKOWSKI

Chana Risha BARKOWSKI, wife of Mordechai, daughter of Avraham Eliezer GRADZALAWA (or from Radzilow). Died in 1929.

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